Welcome to stardewvalleyeditor.com!

This website hosts a small fan made project for an online editor for the game Stardew Valley. The editor is meant to provide a simple GUI to editing and adding some of the game's content (using SMAPI + content patcher).

Although a lot of progress has been made on the editor's functional components (dialogue editing, character editing, event editing), the GUI of the editor is not in a state where it can be used or tested yet. Therefor I have decided to keep the editor hidden until it is further along.

Lastly, due to Stardew Valley having released a new patch, I noticed an increased interest in the Discord channel. However as most modders want to get started right away and are looking for ready to use editors and guides, I have decided to hide the Discord channel's information. If you wish to learn more about modding stardew valley, I currently recommend learning to use the SMAPI Content Patcher mod, which is documented here

The project is still being actively developed and I hope to one day be able to share it with others. Until then, happy modding gaming!

If you still wish to reach out to me with questions regarding modding or this editor, feel free to send your question to info@stardewvalleyeditor.com.